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Fractional Ownership Market Report – 2015 Third Quarter Year to Date

Fractional Ownership Market Report - 2015 -TonopaloFractional Ownership Market Report – 2015 Third Quarter Year to Date shows that fractional Sales have been slower this year than in 2014.  At the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2015 units sold are only 45 which is 18% below the 55 units sold at the same time last year.  The total dollar volume ($2,928,000) is 37% lower than at the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2014.  40% of the units sold (18) this year have been below $20,000 and 42% (19) have sold for between $26,000 and $99,000.  This leaves only eight units sold above $100,000, five of which were sold above $200,000.  This year the sales have been on lower priced Fractional Ownerships with the majority of those (27) being at Old Greenwood all of which sold for less than $56,000.  In 2014 by the end of the 3rd Quarter, of the 55 units sold, 15 units sold above $100,000 with eight selling above $200,000.

There are four areas with a high concentration of Fractional Ownerships in our market that account for most of the sales each year.  They are Old Greenwood and Northstar in the Truckee market, and Sweetbriar and Tonopalo in the North Tahoe market.  Northstar and Tonopalo generally have higher prices and usually account for the majority of the dollar volume of total sales.  Old Greenwood usually has the highest number of units sold but also the lowest total dollar volume.  Sweetbriar sales are very inconsistent year to year.  Scattered throughout our market are some individual Fractional Ownership condominiums and single family homes that from time to time have shares listed for sale.  Those range in price with a few between $30,000 to $85,000 and then many priced above $250,000.

Sales at Tonopalo have been better this year than at the same time last year.  Dollar volume is up 20% and units sold also went from three in 2014 to five sold this year.  At Northstar the units sold went down from eight in 2014 to six sold so far this year and the dollar volume also went down 13%.


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