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Why Do Many Buyers Decide To Buy A Fractional Ownership?

There are several reasons: • All Fractional buyers realize that there is a limited amount of time that they have to use a vacation home and if they owned a property completely it would sit empty a lot.  They also realize that although Airbnb has increased the average yearly income on vacation properties the rental revenue is still not enough to pay all of the cost of whole ownership. • Some buyers purchase the lower priced Fractional Ownerships (up to $150,000) because whole ownership prices... Read more »

Advantages of Fractional Ownership – A Piece of the Pie, All of the Fun


A Piece of the Pie, All of the Fun is the perfect description when explaining the advantages of Fractional Ownership. It IS possible to own a portion of a cabin, condo, hotel suite, or home and enjoy living here in Squaw Valley and North Lake Tahoe part of the year. This is an ideal solution for vacations and family get-a ways! A bonus advantage is your vacation dollars can turn into profit years later if you decide to sell. With fractional ownership, you are the co-owner of a prestigious piece... Read more »

Fractional Ownership Market Report – 2015 Third Quarter Year to Date

Fractional Ownership Market Report - 2015 -Tonopalo

Fractional Ownership Market Report – 2015 Third Quarter Year to Date shows that fractional Sales have been slower this year than in 2014.  At the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2015 units sold are only 45 which is 18% below the 55 units sold at the same time last year.  The total dollar volume ($2,928,000) is 37% lower than at the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2014.  40% of the units sold (18) this year have been below $20,000 and 42% (19) have sold for between $26,000 and $99,000.  This leaves... Read more »

2013 North Tahoe-Truckee Fractional Sales Up 7% From 2012

Fractional Ownership Sales in the North Tahoe and Truckee area continued to improve in 2013.  Units Sold (73) were 7% above 2012 and Dollar Volume ($6,730,950) was 11% higher.  (There was one 1/2 share in a Tahoe City Lakefront Estate that sold for $5,401,000 that I am not including in these statistics  because it does not really fit the Fractional Ownership model and therefore would really skew the statistics) 57% of Fractional sales in 2013 were at Old Greenwood, down from 62% in 2012. ... Read more »

North Tahoe-Truckee Fractional Ownership 3rd Quarter 2013 Market Report

Fractional Ownership sales in the North Tahoe-Truckee market, in units sold, are 10% ahead of this time last year and 14.6% ahead in dollar volume.  With what is currently in escrow, and considering the current rate of activity, I expect that we will end the year with approximately 60 – 62 units sold and a dollar volume of approximately $7,000,000 – $7,250,000 which will make 2013 one of the best years for Fractional Ownership sales since the economic down turn in late 2007. Here are... Read more »

Fractional Ownership; Reduce Costs and Retain Ownership of a Vacation Home

Fractional Ownership can be a way for an owner of a North Tahoe-Truckee vacation home, or condominium, to retain ownership and use of that home and reduce overall holding costs.  In today’s economy many people are looking for ways to reduce costs in all areas of their life and vacations homes can often end up on the list of items to be cut.  The costs of owning any home can be a lot; mortgage, property tax, insurance, utilities, maintenance, etc.  For someone who owns their primary residence... Read more »

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