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1st Quarter 2017, Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Report

Single family home sales in the Lake Tahoe real estate market got off to slow start in the 1 qtr. of this year. I think this was due primarily to low inventory levels and the record winter we had which slowed down almost all business activity except condominiums sales, which got off to a strong start.  In most areas the snow levels were so high that many homes could not be shown, however with condominiums once the parking lots were cleared the units could be shown. In the four primary areas... Read more »

Are Interest Rates Going To Go Up? Hear What An Expert Has To Say

Inquiring minds want to know … where are interest rates headed?!  Economic forecaster Elliot Eisenber is a nationally acclaimed economist who always makes economic data slightly fun, relevant and easy to digest.  He often graces the pages of Business Week, Forbes and Fortune Magazine just to name a few.  He put together a short video you can view by clicking here.  It’s a quick and easy expert opinion about what lies ahead with the Fed.  Read more »

17 Percent Increase in Lake Tahoe Real Estate Sales in 2016.

A 12 percent rise in median home prices to $549,000 and an eight percent increase in homes sold (1376) resulted in a 17 percent increase in total dollar volume of sold homes ($1,128,257,767) in 2016 over 2015. Homes priced over $1,000,000 increased in units sold by 28 percent.  Those priced under $1,000,000 only increased by 4 percent. Condominium sales increased 13 percent in total dollar volume ($213,810,904) with an increase of units sold (473) by 14 percent and a median price increase of 3 percent... Read more »

A Market Comment from Our London Office

With the New Year upon us and 2016 in the rear view mirror I thought you might enjoy the attached Market Comment from our London Office – Mayfair International Realty. Who’d have thought at the beginning of 2016 that the world would be so changed by the beginning of 2017? Who’d have thought the UK would choose to exit the European Union?  Who’d have thought that the US would vote for such a change in political leadership?  Who’d have thought there would have been so many changes... Read more »

Very Impressive Sales Activity at Lake Tahoe in the First Two Quarters of 2016


In the entire Lake Tahoe area sales volume increased by 13 percent compared to the same period in 2015 and the increase in units sold was up 12 percent. The median price for the 1st and 2nd quarters is $525,000, a two percent rise, and the average price rose one percent to $779,128. When you look at the statistics of specific regions around the lake you see some significant differences. Incline Village and South Shore saw the biggest gains in both units sold and dollar volume.  Tahoe City and the... Read more »

2016 North Tahoe – Truckee 1st Quarter Market Report

Residential Property Sales in the North Tahoe – Truckee market were stronger in the 1st quarter of 2016 by 22% in units sold (271) and 18% in dollar volume ($238,103,739) than in the same period of 2015.  Of the total units sold 24% were condominiums.  In the 1st quarter of 2015 condominiums were 23% of units sold. The increase over last year is due to higher sales volume in all price range segments of our market. Over $1,000,000 Luxury Home sales is traditionally the smallest segment of our... Read more »

2015 Year End North Tahoe – Truckee Real Estate Market Report


  Below is the 2015 Year End North Tahoe – Truckee Real Estate Market Report.  I’ve summarized residential sales including distressed properties, broken down sales by area and price range, as well as, discussed the outlook for real estate sales in the first quarter of 2016. Summary of Residential Property Sales Total North Tahoe – Truckee Real Estate Sales:  2105 was the 2nd year in a row that total Residential Real Estate sales in the North Tahoe – Truckee area exceeded One Billion... Read more »

Fractional Ownership Market Report – 2015 Third Quarter Year to Date

Fractional Ownership Market Report - 2015 -Tonopalo

Fractional Ownership Market Report – 2015 Third Quarter Year to Date shows that fractional Sales have been slower this year than in 2014.  At the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2015 units sold are only 45 which is 18% below the 55 units sold at the same time last year.  The total dollar volume ($2,928,000) is 37% lower than at the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2014.  40% of the units sold (18) this year have been below $20,000 and 42% (19) have sold for between $26,000 and $99,000.  This leaves... Read more »

Squaw Valley Real Estate Market Report 10/19/15


(Olympic Valley) First Three Quarters 2015 Sales of Residential units (Single Family Homes and Condominiums) in Squaw Valley for the first three quarters have been significantly lower in 2015 than they were for the same period in 2014.  However, since June of this year both the number of sales and the total dollar volume have been higher than the same period for 2014.  Hopefully this trend will continue. The 2014 statistics show that the strongest sales figures were within the first five... Read more »

Resort at Squaw Creek 1st Qtr 2014 Market Report

Sale prices on closed escrows are rising at the Resort at Squaw Creek.  The number of condominiums sold in 2013 was just two more than in 2012 but the total dollar volume of sales was 61% higher than the previous year. Why this tremendous increase?  I think it is due to a significant reduction in Distressed Property Listings (Short Sales and Bank Owned).  Sellers now have less concern with having to compete with the low prices of Distressed Listings since these have dropped from 31% in 2013 to... Read more »

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